Microsoft SharePoint Training Courses in London

SharePoint Training Courses at your Offices in London from £55 Per Person

Microsoft SharePoint offers organisations a number of key benefits:

Increased visibility and access to information

All information within the system is readily accessible by navigation or search.  The ability to move from local or network drives to a structured and searchable online repository is one of the major benefits of SharePoint.

Reduced email traffic

Groups of people working in a common environment no longer need to send emails to each other in order to distribute documents or share knowledge.  SharePoint provides tools to manage workflow, including document approval, and features such as wikis and discussions to facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

Document Change control

Using ‘Check in’ and ‘Check out’ allows groups to work on the same document without creating multiple copies which would then require merging, and without losing track of the latest version.  This is efficient and time saving.  Version histories are a useful way of keeping track of a documents development and, where required, reverting to an earlier version.

SharePoint 1 Day Training Course

Paul Brown Training offer a 1 day skills-based course, designed to get your staff working and collaborating more effectively in the shortest possible time. Here is a brief overview of the course schedule:

  • Module 1: Working with SharePoint
    • Benefits of collaborative working
    • Site Structure
    • SharePoint building blocks
    • Navigation and Search
  • Module 2: Working with libraries and lists
    • Overview of standard lists
    • Creating and Managing lists
    • Managing items within lists and libraries
    • Working with calendars
    • Issue tracking with SharePoint
  • Module 3: Working with Documents
    • What is a document library?
    • Document versions
  • Module 4: Custom Navigation
    • Quick changes to navigation in SharePoint 2013
  • Module 5: Working with Surveys
    • Working with surveys
  • Glossary

Microsoft SharePoint training courses in London

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