Excel 2016 Training Courses in London

Microsoft Office 2016 training courses delivered at your  own offices in London

Office 2016 is here and with it comes another batch of new features and functions. Among the latest additions we now have six new chart types, a range of new functions and an improved autocomplete.

Many people love their charts, with the capability to view data trends more easily than numbers alone. The new charts in Excel 2016 are referred to as: Treemap, Sunburst, Histogram, Box & Whisper and Waterfall. Some users may find the learning curve on these new graphs a little steep, but they are covered in our new Excel 2016 Advanced Plus course.

The new Excel functions include:

  • TEXTJOIN: combines text from multiple ranges with user-defined delimiters
  • CONCAT: similar to CONCATENATE but more flexible and easier to work with
  • IFS: a great new way to simplify nested IF functions
  • SWITCH: finds an expression in a list of values in order, or returns an ‘else’ value
  • MAXIFS: returns the largest number in a range based upon defined criteria
  • MINIFS: as MAXIFS but returning the lowest value

There is also a range of PivotTable and Slicer enhancements, making Excel 2016 the most comprehensive version to date. Learning all of these new features will take time, however you can short-circuit the process with a 1 day Excel 2016 training course.

Our new Excel Advanced Plus course includes all of the new features and can be delivered onsite at your own offices anywhere in London. For more information, please call on 0800 2922842 or use the quick for at the top of this page.

Microsoft Excel training courses in London from just £55 per person