Advanced Excel Training Course

Who is this course for?

Our Advanced Excel course is suitable for delegates who are conversant with formulas and functions and wish to become more effective.


A sound working knowledge of Excel is essential. It would be preferable for deletes to first attend an Intermediate course.


Our onsite Advanced Excel course is delivered at your own offices anywhere in the UK.


The Advanced Excel course is delivered over 1 day from 10:00 to 16:00

Advanced Excel Syllabus

The Course Includes:

  • Using advanced functions
    • Conditional Logic: using the IF function
    • Using Not, AND, OR functions
    • Nested IF functions
    • The IFERROR function
  • Using maths & statistical functions
    • The SUMIF function
    • The COUNTIF function
    • The AVERAGEIF function
    • The SUMIFS function (2010+ only)
    • The COUNTIFS function¬†(2010+ only)
    • The AVERAGEIFS function¬†(2010+ only)
  • Working with text data
    • Tidying the database with the TRIM function
    • Extracting text using FIND and MID functions
    • Using the VALUE function
  • Working with advanced database functions
    • The DSUM function
    • The DAVERAGE function
    • The DCOUNT function
  • Creating a Dashboard with PivotCharts & Slicers (Slicers 2010+ only)
  • Using Goal Seek
  • Creating & merging Scenarios